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Online Cleaning Technologies is the world’s only provider of patented and standard solutions to clean industrial installations, while the installation is in full production.

Shutdowns can be prevented and downtime reduced substantially.

To optimize efficiency, each customer receives a tailored cleaning plan based on the specific design and needs of their installation.

Exclusive Patented Linear Cleaning (PLC)

Our Patented Linear Cleaning from Online Cleaning Technologies is the only proven solution enabling complete industrial cleaning of the installation guaranteed without shutdown or stop. The installation can be cleaned completely while it remains in full production at extreme temperatures.

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Key Advantages

  • Enhanced availability of the installation
  • Savings on maintenance through shorter stops / lead times / shut downs / outages
  • Can be applied online or offline
  • No side effects such as additional waste and water
  • Consistent high level of safety and control
  • Consistent, proven and reliable cleaning
  • Effective in all types of boilers
  • Reduced emissions
  • The offline cleaning method allows simultaneous performance of other cleaning activities
  • Opportunity to agree to enter into performance contracts and monitoring system
  • No Cure, No Pay
  • Highly experienced teams performing over 2,000 online cleanings per year
  • Intense and close cooperation with clients
  • The management of Online Cleaning Technologies can rely on a wide experience in the industry,
    having operated as plant managers and engineers
  • Continuous innovation by active Research and Development to improve solutions

What makes online cleaning Australia Unique?

  • Online Cleaning Technologies can rely on a good track record over many years and a wide range
    of experience with online and offline cleaning at over 200 installations worldwide
  • The team consists of diverse expertise and gets all the latest training and relevant education to successfully and safely perform each online and offline cleaning
  • Due to the close partnership with plant management Online Cleaning Technologies can develop the most effective and practical cleaning solutions to achieve best results
  • Online Cleaning Technologies, using our in-depth knowledge of the installations and the effectiveness of techniques, also propose adaptions to optimize the plants
  • The team proposes and implements maintenance and control programs including dashboard performance monitoring
  • Online Cleaning Technologies constantly invests in the future by development of new technology and equipment

Safe and Sustainable

Industrial cleaning with explosives sounds controversial at first instance, but for safety and sustainability it has proven to be the best solution from the historic figures. No alternative solution has a better LTI ratio (lost time incident) than cleaning by means of shockwave cleaning.

Due to the clear Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) and the well-structured and disciplined experienced shockwave engineers, there is minimal risk to all employees and the installation. Also, the solutions have a better environmental footprint than traditional cleaning. As shutdowns can be prevented and cleaning can be done without costly loss of energy, resources and shutdown / restart resources, the environmental balance proofs turns out superior for shockwave cleaning.


What is the difference between offline and online cleaning?
Online cleaning is carried out with the boiler in full operation at up 100% load if possible. This involves the use of a cooling medium to ensure the charge remains stable while being positioned in the boiler.

Offline cleaning is carried out once a plant has shutdown and the temperature is not critical to the charges. Offline cleans are normally carried at the start of an outage or as part of a safety clean in a furnace or firebox.

What are the main risks of shockwave deslagging?
The risks to plant and personnel during deslagging are minimal as long as the plant is in a good state of maintenance and safety procedures are followed. Online Cleaning Technologies always aims to minimise these risks by use of the Safe System of Work and continuous training and development of employees.

Is there a cost/benefit analysis of detonative cleaning?
Yes, this can be explained in a personal meeting by a commercial manager from Online Cleaning Technologies.

How often does an installation needs online versus offline cleaning?
This can vary depending on the plant design and requirements. However Online Cleaning involves 90% of all work as the operational benefits of keeping a plant running are always the priority.

What is more effective; online or offline cleaning?
Both processes can be extremely effective depending on boiler access. However the preference would be to use Online cleaning with good access as a preventative maintenance regime.

What is the main difference between linear cleaning and stickblasting?
The main difference between the linear cleaning and stick blasting is the positioning of the charges and the effect. The linear cleaning method can be used to clean the gas lanes of tube bundles throughout the full depth of the bundle, while stick blasting is more routinely used to clean empty passes and furnaces.

With linear cleaning it is possible to clean right in the heart of the installation, while with stick blasting only areas near the entrance can be cleaned. And, using the linear system, plants can run for up to two years providing they have the correct cleaning frequency and boiler access.

What is the difference in shutdown cycles with linear cleaning versus standard stick blasting?
By using the linear system, plants can run for up to 2 years with the correct cleaning frequency and access to the boiler without suffering fouling issues in the boiler.

How safe are shockwaves and the cleaning processes?
Shockwaves are very safe. The likelihood that the materials will detonate prematurely is next to impossible due to our adherence to a strict safety protocol. Only the safest materials are used due to the work environment and surroundings. As an extra safety measure, all our equipment is WIFI controlled to ensure the safest working practices.

What type of experience do our teams have?
Each team lead (Shockwave Engineer) has between 8 and 22 years of experience, working in various shockwave fields. All of our supervisors have extensive work experience and education in the boiler and heavy industry.

Do you stay inside the boiler to blast?
No, online we use existing doors and openings. During an offline clean we can enter the installation to speed up the cleaning process by placing multi shots at once before leaving the area.

How do the shockwaves remove the ash?
The percussion, shockwave, and tube vibration work together to break loose the material between and on the tubes.

How much time does it take to clean a boiler?
It all depends on the job scope, boiler size, type / hardness of material, and installation scheduling. A site visit will be necessary to give a good scope based on our experience.

What areas of the boiler can shockwave cleaning be used in?
We can use shockwaves in every area based on access. For example the firebox, pendents, slope area, empty paths, super heaters, economizers, precips, screens, hoppers etc. We can also clear clinker grinders, unplug ash and lime silos.

How does shockwave cleaning compare to manual cleaning?
Manual cleaning is time consuming and only removes about 30-40% of the contamination (ash). What may take 5-6 days, 24 hours per day, manually to complete, Online Cleaning Technology would only take 10-12 hours with shockwaves to reduce it to 2-3 days manually work.

What type of shifts do we work?
We work an 8 to 10 hour shift rather than a 12 hour shift. After about 9 hours you start to get tired, your production drops tremendously, and safety becomes a major factor. For safety reasons, we will not work more than 12 hours regardless of the situation. If we see that we cannot finish in 10 hours we will call in another crew to finish or stop the operation and get 8-10 hours of sleep and return to finish the job.

Do you need draft on to blast for shockwave cleaning?
We always need a certain draft for safety and to get rid of the dust.

How does shockwave cleaning or deslagging compare to hydro blasting?
Shockwave cleaning is safer and quicker than hydro blasting. Shockwaves clean and break up all of the ash regardless of how hard or soft it is, whether location or amount. Some areas cannot be cleaned with hydro blasting. Shockwave deslagging reaches all the caking between the tube bundles. With hydro blasting, only gas pass lanes are cleaned. Hydro blasting is time consuming and only removes a fraction of the contamination. Finally, with shockwave cleaning there is no water in your boiler to clean up.

Who does your vacuuming and hydro blasting service?
We can sub-contract local industrial cleaning companies with the right experience or use your in-house company for our vacuum and hydro services. In some countries we work together with our group partner Conservator S.I.O. B.V.

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