Water Cannon

Water Cannon focuses high-pressure shots of water or a plastic ball to remove build-up. It is extremely efficient as it uses very little water and takes just milliseconds to administer each shot.

This technique has a greater reach than other methods so can be used in areas that are either not accessible with detonation, or where shockwaves are simply inappropriate.

As only compressed air and water are used in the process it is impossible for the cannon to realise blockage in the installation. For specific locations in the installations also a cannon with plastic balls can be used to release the contamination from the walls.

How it works

A high-pressure shot of water is administered at speeds ranging from 432-720km/h and results depend on the type of cannon used.
Depending on the type of cannon used, up to 18 litres of water may be discharged per shot at a distance of 5 to 50 metres.

Why this method?

  • Highly effective for major build-up and contamination
  • Proven solution for more than 50 installations worldwide
  • Fast results

Applicable Sectors

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Watch our Water Cannon Video

Watch Water Cannon in action.


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